EISODUS – A Skiers Reflection From a Melting Reality

We follow Bodhis monologue towards enlightenment between the cityscapes and grand mountains. When finally coming to the conclusion that what is needed is an open mind, a belief and understanding in more than the actual.


During 11 days, we created a film about climate-conscious skiing. Without help from any fossil fuel, we dragged our film equipment from the train station in Katterat, northern Norway, to Hunddalshytta, 12km. Hunddalshytta, without any electricity and tap water, then served as our base camp when we filmed the scenes of the film.

Production CompanyThree Piece Media Production
Director of Photography & Camera – Axel Adolfsson
Director – Victor Daggberg
Camera & Drone – Troels Rosenkratz Andersen
Stills – Gustaf Elias
Actors / Skiers – Johnn Andersson / Tom-Oliver Hedvall
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