Photo: Hanna Liljegren.

Axel Adolfsson

Photographer & Director of Photography, capturing people and motions in natural light. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.
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Son of a talented amateur photographer, there have always been cameras around me to experiment with. When I later combined my passion for skiing with my curiosity for photography, I got hooked right away and realised that I’d found something I wanted to master to its fullest. This passion has taken me to extraordinary places and helped me to make friends with great people.

But I can’t settle there. My curiosity to continuously learn new stuff has driven me to a role in which I help clients to create pictures in many different contexts. To solve their problems, creating pictures conveying information packed with feelings, is far too much fun to stop doing.

One easily misleads oneself into believing that pictures have to be still. But that’s wrong. Motion pictures are a compliment to the still picture, which has enormous power when it comes to delivering a message and a story. When working with film and using my knowledge of capturing the light aiming to create a beautiful picture, I then create a long series of beautiful pictures, mesmerising the audience.

Not to fear the impossible is what I learnt during my years at Chalmers University of Technology. I also learnt that creativity and hard work recurrent are the only two factors separating you from finding the solution to your problem. At Berghs School of Communication, I deepened my understanding of how information is effectively conveyed to the recipient.

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